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Date(s) - 23/01/2021
7:30 am - 9:45 am


Leader details:

Unicorn Village Virtual Winter Gathering

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The Unicorn Village (Virtual) Winter Gathering 
Saturday 23rd January 2021

     7.30    Yoga   Ty      
     8.35    Mindfulness   Daren    
     9.45    Welcome Circle   featuring Glen, Jenny,
Nickomo, Rasullah 

   10.30    Harmonic Temple   Nickomo & Rasullah
   11.15    Dances of Universal Peace   Glen, Gulzar, Karim,
Matthew, Rahmana, Shamsia
   12.45    LUNCH
     1.30    Big Top Sing!   Martina Schwarz, Pauline Down,
Helen Yeomans, Bruce Knight
     3.00    Chakra Toning   Anne Bourne

     3.30    Devotional Singing  Chrissie, Danielle
Jo, Karim, Suekali
     4.30    Fun songs for all   Jane & Rowan

     5.30    SUPPER
     6.15    Fun & Frolics   Pauline Down
     6.45    Midwinter Tales   Jane Flood     
     7.15    Circle Dance   Chrissie, Christina, Jo, Martina,
Nickomo, Rasullah, Tara
     8.15    Zikr Evening – Dances of Remembrance
Anna Sophia, Glen, Gulzar, Karim,

         Matthew, Shamsia
  Café from 10.30 in the morning, open all day!     

Essential information  Arrive early to a session for the full experience! Particularly for the Yoga, Mindfulness and Chakra Toning. Everything open to everyone, 4.30 and 6.15 are particularly child friendly. The virtual marquees have capacity for 100 participants and the virtual Big Top for 300.

Café   Visit, chat to friends! Breakout rooms available. Fringe events and pop up activities! You’ll find details on a bespoke screen there. Any last minute main programme changes will be on it too.
Further details on sessions

“So happy to be offering a yoga flow for our Unicorn Winter Gathering. We will enjoy some gentle self massage, warm up stretches, flowing sun salutations and classic asana, followed by deep relaxation. All are very welcome to join, and you are invited to adapt/adjust/rest/explore during the practice however best supports you. The yoga-zoom-room will open from 715am so that you may arrive, chat, unroll your mat/blanket. Our practice will last 50-60 minutes. At the start of the practice I will mute everyone.”

Unless you are doing Yoga, which will end by 8.30, please arrive between 8.20 and 8.30 to save a bottleneck at the door.

The virtual yurt will be open from 8:20 for you to come in, make yourself comfortable with a cup of your favourite tea and a stool or chair ready to start our sitting practice at exactly 8:35!

Daren will be guiding us in mindfulness – the ‘pointing out’ preliminary exercises of Mahamudra, for 40 minutes. No experience necessary since session is guided. Useful if you tell yourself “I cannot meditate.” Session also open to more experienced meditators familiar in a formless approach. We will then have 20 minutes to share experiences with Daren offering guided discovery and philosophical dialogue alongside these sharings.

Welcome Circle
Introducing you to the day ahead. Contributions from Jenny, Nickomo, Glen and others.

Harmonic Temple 
Delighted to have Nickomo and Rasullah lead us in Nickomo’s Power Chant from their Music of Heaven CD.

Dances of Universal Peace 
Unicorn Camps were imagined into existence 30 years ago by James Burgess. The building blocks were: camping in circles, no drugs or amplified music, and DUP as the core activity. “Eat, dance, pray together” as SAM, founder of the dances put it. Our DUP and Zikr sessions today are led by an international array of dance leaders.

Big Top Sing
Martina Schwarz will begin by teaching her arrangement of an old traditional German New Year’s song with German and English lyrics.

Pauline Down created The Blessings song in gratitude for how much the natural world has fed her through this last year and in response to some of Ali Burns’ wonderful Patreon provocations!

Helen Yeomans will teach her new song ’Never Take Away My Voice’ about keeping the faith during the pandemic.

Bruce Knight will end the session by leading a bouncy song based on a short Zulu phrase.

Chakra Toning
Sit comfortably and join Anne in a beautiful and simple sound meditation. This session will move seamlessly and silently into the next.

Devotional Singing
From the silence following the Chakra Toning, simple chants from the Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh and Sufi traditions offered by five regular contributors to our camps. Words provided in the chat box.

Family Singing Session
A fun session of harmony songs for all ages to enjoy.

Family Fun & Frolics 
A bit of family friendly fun after tea with Pauline! Everyone included.

Midwinter Tales
Stories to warm hearts and soul and connect with the season. This session will lead directly into the next.

Circle Dance
Although Zoom only works with one screen offering music at any one time, through the session you will dance with two dance leaders, plus live music from five musicians! Clear a space in your living room and dance at a distance, yet together. Learn the steps or bop along. Words provided if you prefer to sing.

Zikr Evening
Dances of devotion from the Sufi tradition to connect us to the heart of our own true Being.

Pop in and out, 10.30am till late, to chat, eat (BYO!). Breakout rooms are set up for more intimate connections. Emerging café programme – keep updated via the Unicorn Facebook page or the café notice board.