Mentored Musicians

If you are a musician who plays for the Dances you may like to join the DUP UK network.

Playing for the Dances requires a particular quality of attunement unlike any other type of performing and when done well can greatly enhance the Dancers’ experience. (Many musicians also find it to be a peak in their musical experiences.)

Just as a Dance leader practices under the supervision of a mentor, DUP UK would like to provide the opportunity for Dance musicians to experience support and guidance in their development and connection with the Dances, and to deepen their understanding of the needs of Dancers and Dance leaders.

In line with the international network (DUPI) we are now offering mentored musicians full membership of DUP UK, with access to the web resources including the music for hundreds of dances.

If this calls you, have a look at the list of dance mentors, either in the UK or further afield. You might be drawn to one who is also an excellent musician, but this need not be the case.