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Shamsia Sandra Sunfire has been living and Dancing in Mid-Wales since 1994. Her local circle at Derwenlas in Wales has been Dancing Dances of Universal Peace from around 1990 and continues to welcome new Dancers as well as those with more experience and visitors who are in this beautiful part of the world. Shamsia has been part of the Sacred Arts Camp teaching team as well as part of the team at the Latvian Dancing Heart Camp. She has completed a training with Neil Douglas Klotz on the Interspiritual Leadership Training being particularly drawn to his work. Shamsia finds the process of retreat very valuable and enjoys sharing that process with others. Shamsia mentors others in leading Dances of Universal Peace and would love to see more people leading and Dancing in Wales. “The Dances continue to be a central part of my practice, my healing and my journey through life. I love to be part of the very real flourishing sense of community that the Dances bring in such a joyful way.”

Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, Grandfather of the Dances said: “See what an atmosphere the harmony of ten people can create; the power of love and the influence created by ten people is much greater than that created by one. Think then what would be the blessing for humanity if nations, races, and communities were united!”

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