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Hello, I am Gulzar and the Dances are one of the main loves of my life! I have been leading dance days and retreats for many years in Newcastle upon Tyne where I live and also in Sheffield, which was my home town. I have also had regular events in Leicester at the Quaker Meeting House and various places around the UK and abroad. I led Dances at Dance Camp North (now Northern Spirit) for many years, and lead regularly at Sacred Arts and Unicorn camps. I am currently the Camp Advisor for Sacred Arts Camp.
More recently with the Coronavirus, I have been offering a weekly Thursday Zikr evening called Bedtime with the Beloved on Zoom with my partner Simon. It is amazing the depth of connection we can reach in this way with people joining from all over the world. This is open to all.

I often combine the Dances with other movement/sound/breath practices, and I am passionate about how the Dances can help people heal and awaken to their fullest potential. I aim to hold a loving, light and joyful space in which people relax and feel invited to drop into themselves very quickly. My partner and I run Heart Awakening Retreats, drawing on our training as personal transformation facilitators and relationship coaches.

I am also a Dance Mentor, which gives me great joy to be of service in this way to support the blossoming of upcoming and existing Dance Leaders. Along with Jilani, we offer 2-year long residential Dance Leader Training and Development programmes.

I trained to lead the dances and walks with my dance mentor Philip Tansen O’Donohoe and I have been on the universal Sufi path for many years now.

United Kingdom
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