Sufi Mureeds’ Retreat

Date(s) - 02/12/2016 - 06/12/2016
All Day

Oxford: Carmelite Retreat Centre

Leader details:

Strength in Silence and Action—the Path of the Malik 

Friday 2nd December to Tuesday 6th December 2016
Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz and Murshid Philip Tansen O’Donohoe

This retreat is only open to Sufi mureeds of Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz and Murshid Philip Tansen O’Donohoe, and others by invitation.

The retreat will begin with supper on the Friday evening at 6.30pm and end after lunch on the Tuesday afternoon.

For most of his life, Murshid Samuel Lewis followed the path of the Malik, a way he describes as one of “breath, silence and magnetism.” At the same time, one actively lives one’s life in the world, even or especially in troubling times.

In an important series of lessons on this theme, he shares many practices and teachings important for every Sufi mureed. All mureeds do not follow the path of the teacher, but we can all follow this way of inner and outer “mastery,” no matter how limited or wide our life’s circumstances may be.

Our annual retreat will explore these rich teachings, and share zikr, walking meditation, silent meditation, dance, walk and other practices applicable to healing ourselves and our communities.

“If we look at things from the standpoint of complete spiritual development, we shall recognise that there is Peacefulness behind all manifestation and that every aspect of the manifestation gets its magnetism from this fundamental Peace. Or one can put it in the phrase: Peace is Power.” – Murshid Samuel L. Lewis.

“Sitting in silence, in composure, one works within the heart, so to speak, and then finds the whole universe within the Heart, as the Upanishads teach. And then one is able to help oneself and others and the whole world, the total manifestation.”

The retreat is open to Sufi mureeds, initiates of the Inayati healing orders and others by permission.

The Carmelite Retreat Centre is set in 17 acres of woodland and is just outside Oxford. Accommodation will be mostly in single rooms and some twin rooms.

The retreat leaders are UK senior teachers (murshids) in the Chishti Ruhaniat tradition of Sufism in the line of Sufi Ahmed Murad Chishti and Hazrat Inayat Khan Chishti. Saadi Shakur Chishti (Neil Douglas-Klotz) is the author of  The Sufi Book of Life, The Tent of Abraham, Blessings of the Cosmos, Desert Wisdom and other books. He lives in Glenrothes, Scotland and directs the Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning. He co-founded the Edinburgh International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace. Tansen is master teacher of spiritual dance and meditation who has made a life-long study of use of sound in healing and spiritual development. He has followed the path of Sufism since 1989 and he guides people who want to cultivate within themselves the deeper experiences of the spiritual path.


The price for the retreat is £415 which includes food and residential costs. Vegetarian and special diets can be catered for; please specify when booking.

The retreat will begin with supper on the Friday evening at 6.30pm and end after lunch on the Tuesday afternoon.

To book your place a non-refundable deposit of £75 is required.

Please send cheques payable to Lancaster Sufi Circle to Philip O’Donohoe, East Barn, Churchfoot Lane, Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset. DT10 2DS.

Or pay online to Account Name: Lancaster Sufi Circle. Sort Code: 40-27-02. Account Number: 81378449.

For bookings and further details contact Tansen:

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