Important information for all DUPUK members

As with any big changes, it is easy to get confused by the amount of detail as well as overwhelmed by trying to grasp the implications that each specific item brings about. To avoid this the Management Committee has decided to break down the process of change into smaller steps.

The first step was to establish the level of interest among dance leaders in the Leaders Guild. We posed that question to dance leaders and after receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, the DUPUK Leaders Guild was born on 8 October 2014.

The second step is continuing to refine and elaborate on the information to be sent out to all of you. This process involves consultation with senior dance mentors in this country as well as with dance organisations in other countries, so that each aspect of change is considered with diligence and scrutiny. Our goal is to complete this by the end of the year 2014.

The third step – sending out the proposal for re-structure to all current members is planned for January 2015, with time for questions, feedback and comments until March 2015.

The fourth step is to round off with a postal vote and to begin to implement the results from April 2015.

We hope that this helps to clarify our intentions and goals for the next few months.

With love and blessings
the Management Committee

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About Dakini Warrior

Dakini (Maris) has led Dances of Universal Peace since 1995. Born in Estonia, she lived in Findhorn, Scotland for 10 years, where she led spiritual journeys to Nepal, India and Tibet, co-founded a Buddhist retreat centre and gave birth to two daughters. She initiated the Estonian Dance Camp (2001) and Dervish Days Family Sufi camp in Scotland (in 2012) and organises a yearly Sufi retreat in Scotland with Sir Shabda and Murshid Saadi. Dakini serves on the current DUP International Board of Directors and leads dances and Sufi retreats at various events across Europe. She is a Mentor of Dances of Universal Peace, a Sheikha in the Sufi Ruhaniat International and a Budhhist practitioner in Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism.