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My first love in life was dancing – as a child I wanted to be a ballerina.

Now I see that the combination of music, movement and rhythm freed my spirit and fed by soul. Another childhood inspiration was a book with pictures of people from all over the world, clothed in their normal and celebratory costumes. I have relatives, on both sides of my family, who spent long times of their working life in the Far East, mainly India.

I expect all these influences led me on a trail that meant I met up with Dances of Universal Peace!

In my twenties I lived for 18 months in an ecumenical Christian Community in France called Taize. There I really met and got to know folk from other countries and discovered the joys and tensions in the reality of different cultures – the struggles and richness of living together. There, too, I experienced the value of a common spiritual practice in creating peace, holding our differences together. In my thirties I faced chronic illness and this set me on a search for spiritual practices that would bring healing to my body mind and spirit.

Shake all of this together and you get me as I am now. I have just hit my sixties, I am ordained in the Church of Scotland (where I work freelance to promote and practice health and healing in ministry) and I am passionate about teaching the Aramaic dances in particular.
This I do regularly in Edinburgh and elsewhere when asked.

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