Reweaving the Web of Life – a retreat day

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Date(s) - 19/11/2022
10:45 am - 4:45 pm

Woodchester Village Hall, Church Road, North Woodchester, GL5 5PQ (near Nailsworth/ Stroud)

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Reweaving the Web of Life – a retreat day

Peace dance, singing, live music, food, sharing, body time to celebrate the web of life – come and join us if you feel the call!

Saturday 19th November 2022 10.45am until 4.45pm

At the time of year sometimes known in Celtic calendars as Samhain, an all-day experiential session to remember connection and interconnection as those in the northern hemisphere enter the time of longest nights. This might include time to remember those who have come before us in the caravan of creation, the recent ones and the ones not findable on, the human ones and the other-than-human ones, the ancient ones in deep time including those who may have lived through – and survived – times of crisis, change and turbulence. What would it be like to remember our bodies, our Earth as anchor places and places of belonging as we navigate life? The session is offered as an antidote to ways we may be conditioned to think of ourselves as alone, as a pathway to explore what happens when we come together and gather with others with our uniqueness and complexity? How do we find ways to meet that feel authentic and real and nourishing that facilitate a sense of belonging to something bigger?

Woodchester Village Hall, Church Road, North Woodchester (Between Stroud and Nailsworth), Gloucestershire, GL5 5PQ – lift sharing possible from Bristol, Stroud or elsewhere! (Indicate this when you register)

We’ll have a whole day together and we’ll have a chance to weave threads of life together through singing, dance, reflective body practice, some dedicated time for deep relaxation while listening to some live improvised music, an invitation to some outdoor time, some time to share a meal together, and more…. Everything is optional and you are invited to join the circle with an attitude of self care and discernment to what would be most helpful or nourishing to you. The intention is for this to be a deeply reflective journey which is nourishing and maybe unique for each of us. There will be a small team of musicians to support us on our journey.

For some, this may be a time of reflection, to hold space for what’s deep inside and what may be whispering or shouting to us when we create time to listen. What are the resources and hidden treasures that will keep us warm through the time of long nights?

For some, this may be a time to remember the bigger picture of life, what connects us to the human and the non-human world of what we are part. What are we remembering and harvesting or holding gratitude for in this moment?

For some, this may be a time to set intentions, to review and open to inspiration or vision for the path ahead. What are our deep dreams and yearnings and what will support us on our journeys?

How do we create space for this? The offering will be a space to honour the many ways we may uniquely experience this season and a window to be present with what is alive in us in a collective way.

If this resonates or piques your curiosity, you are invited to join us for this experience together. We’ll gather at 10.45am and will close at 4.45pm. We will have an opportunity for some shared lunch – please bring something vegetarian to share.