Oxford: Retreat with Philip

Date(s) - 21/10/2016 - 23/10/2016
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Oxford: Carmelite Retreat Centre

Leader details:

The Heart of Healing: Residential Weekend Journey
with Philip O’Donohoe
21st-23rd October Oxford.

We can heal ourselves and yet we can also be the main obstacle to our own healing. Life itself is overflowing with healing blessings and perhaps the most natural experience in being alive can be to enjoy the state of radiant health. Though clearly for many this is not the case. The inner source of healing is activated by the awakening of the power of our own hearts and minds. The peaceful heart and mind are the true source of healing.

For many years my spiritual journey has focused in many ways on healing. From earlier times my own state of disharmony and dis-ease with life led me on a life-long healing journey. At one point in my mid twenties when I was beginning to explore the spiritual aspects of life I commissioned an astrologer to prepare a birth chart. In this I was strongly encouraged as part of the plan of my life to discover what health really is, what it is based on and what promotes it and then contribute the understanding to others. He also mentioned that as this was partly based on harmony, rhythm and balance this was where my musical interest was leading. Inayat khan, the Sufi mystic, says essentially the same thing that health is based on rhythm and tone.

Essentially this is what I have devoted much of my life in doing (and being) through music, dance, mantra, meditation, breath, development of the mind and the heart and many other healing modalities.

For some time I have wanted to share in a more focused way the practices and techniques for healing of heart, mind and body that I have found most effective, both in my own life and in helping others. This is a step in that journey. The weekend will be mostly experiential rather than theoretical and will offer practical methods that if taken to heart and practiced regularly will awaken you to the heart of healing. Through breath, dance, mantra, meditation, heart awareness and focus of mind I will share practices you will be easily able to relate to and begin to master for yourself.

Venue: Carmelite Retreat Centre, Chilswell, Boars Hill, Oxford. OX1 5HB. Accommodation in single or twin rooms. The weekend will begin on Friday with supper at 6.30pm and will end on Sunday after lunch.

Further details. Contact: Philip