London DUP w/e: “Strengthening your Heart – & Unity” – Eat Dance & Pray Together with Vitalija Mo’unisa & Ralph

Date(s) - 18/10/2019 - 20/10/2019
7:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Rickmansworth, Nr London: Loudwater Farm

Leader details:

You are cordially invited to join us for our 27th peace dance weekend at Loudwater Farm in London-Rickmansworth.
At a time of political, and ecological chaos, confrontation and division, we will focus on the qualities of the heart this weekend.

included on Saturday will be the “Chief Seattle Cycle”:
– “Ev’ry part of the earth is sacred to my people.
– We are part of the earth, and she is part of us
– All things share the same breath
– If the beasts were gone, we would die from a great loneliness of Spirit
– All things are connected
– This we know: the earth does not belong to us – we belong to the earth
– We belong to the earth.
– Our God is the same God”

On Sunday Karen Skehel will offer a mini workshop “Dance of the Heart, Dance Meditation”:
an uplifting blend of free expression dance with some relaxing moving meditation.

Apart from peace dances, singing and silence, Vitalija Mo’unisa & Ralph are dance leaders and mentors in training. They will also offer some walks, voice warming up, breaks to relax and digest, Angel Cards – and Taizé harmony singing Sunday morning.

You are welcome to join us for all or part of this weekend.

Ralph has been leading DUP for more than 25 years, and has shared peace dances with many people in England, Germany and Latvia on several occasions. He combines spontaneity, inspiration and sensitivity for the group by creating a relaxed, joyful and open atmosphere.
Vitalija Mo’unisa loves leading Sufi dances and zikrs.
The dance sessions are usually light hearted – and at the same time can be profound and deep. Ralph usually accompanies the dances with drum.

“Fall into your heart”, holding hands, honouring various religions / spiritual traditions, moving and chanting in a circle. Simple words, simple movements, attuning to love, harmony and beauty: dancinginter-faith. A joyful and powerful experience of oneness, freeing the voice. We move, breathe and sing together, holding hands – like one organism, like a cell in the body, remembering being part of something much bigger than the small self” [Ralph]

Details (booking, contact, links, photos & updates) on

Cost: Friday evening: £10 – Saturday: £40 – Sunday: £30 All weekend: £70;
(if this is too much for you: please give as much as you can afford – we don’t want to turn anyone away because of lack of money!)

+cost if you stay over night: book early with Angela (latest: by Thursday, 1 day before the w/e).
Beds: £25 in a double bed room or £30 for single bed room, breakfast included.
£10 off p.p. if you stay for a third night (Thu or Sun night).
Mattress in dormitory:  £15 (mattress + 1 pillow and case, 1 duvet and case, 1 fitted sheet and 1 towel included)
or: £8 (“naked” mattress, nothing else included). Both WITH breakfast.
Camping / camper van: £5.- / night EXcl. breakfast (£8.- INcl. breakfast) – plenty of camping space in the orchard!
lunch, tea and supper are self-catering (“Eat, dance & cook together”).

See videos of Ralph & Vitalija leading DUP: