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News from dancers and dance leaders across the UK.

Dancing Adventures in the USA

These are snapshots from a five-week trip to the US this summer by Linda and me, which included a strong DUP and Sufi flavour.

On the East Coast…

This began on Day 3, with the monthly zikr group in Cambridge, Massachusetts, organised by Abraham and Halima Sussman Abraham is a wonderful presence and a great musician, who has worked with Saadi on Bridge and other masterpieces. It felt to us like being with family, and there was great power and vitality about a group of forty people, with a wide age and ethnic range, who know the dances and needed little teaching. This was the day after the Malaysian airliner was shot down over the Ukraine, so our dances for peace had a real passion to them. Continue reading

Impressions of dance camp Aotearoa from a UK perspective

by Renate Lalloo

Waking up in the cosy camper van…..  it’s sunny again, but the air is still cool in the morning; having travelled in New Zealand for nearly 2 weeks, I can now recognize Tui birds’ unusual calls. Yes, I missed Sufi practice again, but I am ready for tea and yummy porridge with tasty cooked fruit sourced from local dancers’ gardens. Kiwi dancers brought so many scrummy fruits to share: different types of small plums and tangelos (mixture of tangerine and pomelo), and we also enjoyed picking wild fruits just around the corner of Dance Camp Aotearoa. Continue reading