Regional Dance Day for Wales and the Borders at the Steiner Academy near Hereford.

Steiner Academy, Hereford

This event was held on Saturday 25th April 2015

Some words from the perspective of four participants.

From Halim:
The previous regional day at Hereford happened shortly after April Jones was murdered in Machynlleth which affected the whole community there very deeply. At the time those of us travelling from there felt the venue in the Steiner school brought a profound sense of relief and reassurance even before we danced. To return again to a place where children are honoured and respected opened us up again to dancing with peace. We all held the space in a way that whoever felt drawn to lead a dance or play music could step forward and encourage the creative flow of energy in the room. We were community for a day and experienced the heartfelt joy of simple togetherness in harmony.

From Shamsia:
We travelled through the greening landscape with blossoms and such beauty, towards our gathering Dance circle, our Dance Day for Wales and the Borders. I love the feeling of us all journeying from different directions to join together to Dance Peace into our beings and our world. We come as individuals and also as part of our Dance communities as well as many other communities. It was lovely to have children with us practicing the way of praying from beneath a shawl as they cautiously found their own way to be with us all! It was wonderful to be inspired and supported by incredible music, Dances that are not so familiar to me as well as moments to share our experiences as Dancers, as Dance leaders and as musicians, as one circle. For me people’s generosity of heart was outstanding and warms me still. And so after gathering we travelled home, perhaps taking with us whatever we received, perhaps something we could share with our Dance circles, with our many communities, perhaps something that will continue to grow and green in the gardens of our hearts this season.

From Rissa:
One sunny spring morning we attended a very refreshing Regional Dance Day near Hereford. I arrived with Gemma and her many musical instruments, to a very warm welcome at the beautiful Steiner school near Hereford. As we had not taken part in a regional dance day before, we were not sure what to expect but we found ourselves relaxing into the music, the dancers and the space, very happily.
There were dances led by many different people in an organic style with a natural pause between dances which allowed time for reflecting on the meaning of the dance and also time for the next leader to step forward when they felt the moment was right. We were able to hold and be held by old and new friends during a day of dances honouring Peace.
From my personal point of view, yearning for peace between world religions, peace for any suffering on any scale, for land, sea, animals, plants, family, friends, strangers. ‘All things are connected’ …. to quote a phrase I think comes from the Chief Seattle song cycle.
Many thanks for a quietly beautiful day out doing what I find I need more and more of in my life.

From Karim:
It took me some time to get around to organising this regional Dance day. I had been aware that it was “our turn” for a while but other things seemed to keep intervening. Finally we agreed a date and I booked the hall. Then waiting for the day and wondering if anyone would come, getting stressed about managing the regulations around the use of the school kitchen but buoyed by the feeling of a community coming together, excited as some dancers we had not seen for a long time said they were coming, nervous at being the host and holding the space, remembering that we once had a regional day with just five of us and it was great so no need to worry.
The day arrived, the sun shone, people came, danced, sang, shared, laughed, played. The beautiful healing space of the school welcomed us. Some friends didn’t make it and we felt the loss, unexpected spontaneous moments emerged, the joy of being together and doing what we love warmed our heats. We were in the moment and in the flow, we ate, danced and prayed together.