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About Susanne Wombacher

I live in Hereford where I work as a movement therapist with disabled children. I also teach the violin. I lead the Dances together with my husband Mike Hadden.

Introduction from Incoming Guidance Panel member Suzanne Wombacher

Recently I found in an old folder a flyer from an Aramaic Lord’s Prayer Workshop with Tansen dated 11th of February 1995. This was the first step on my 25 year journey with Dances of Universal Peace and a whole new and wonderful world unfolded ; a world of a myriad of beautiful prayers , dances , music and people .

I soon felt drawn to do the dance leader training with Tansen in 2001 ….and now teach regular workshops together with my husband Karim (who I met on the dance training ) with a special joy being  Aramaic  Lord’s Prayer days .

I am a mother of five ,  practising Catholic , movement therapist and musician and take  an enormous delight in  finding  the divine within everyday life, nature and my fellow beings ( human and otherwise ), the serious and the ridiculous …..

I was greatly astonished to have been invited onto the Guidance Panel of the Leaders Guild and   hope I will live up to the trust put in me and look forward to a time of sisterly working together and inspiration and serving the dance community.

Thank you,