DUP – Opening Ceremony of XR October Rebellion (6th October, London, UK)

Dances of Universal Peace at the opening ceremony of the XR October Rebellion

(Climate Crisis – Tell the Truth)

Jilani has been invited to lead a Dance as part of the Extinction Rebellion opening ceremony in Parliament Square, London on the 6th October, from 4pm.

It would be wonderful to have as many Dancers as possible to support this. There are likely to be several hundred people at least at the ceremony, most of whom have never experienced the Dances before. Please come and be part of the circles to help hold the energy! We would be so grateful to have your support.

The theme of the ceremony is Beacons of Truth: how can we fearlessly speak our truth and find the trust, courage and willingness to be powerful in our truth telling.

Let’s come together as a Dance community in London at this crucial time, to demonstrate the power of peace!

In the words of Murshid Sam –

“I’d like to go to a peace demonstration where the demonstrators demonstrate peace.”

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About Cordelia Jilani Prescott

Jilani has been playing viola for the Dances of Universal Peace since 1997, and leading Dances since 2005, becoming certified as a Dance Leader in May 2008. Sufism is her spiritual path, along with motherhood (she has three sons) and music. She has worked as a musician and teacher since 1989 and spent several years training as a healer. She brings these skills to her Dance leading, with a teaching style that is light and down-to-earth, but powerful. She has led Dances throughout the UK since 2005, and has travelled internationally to share Dances in Europe, Morocco and the USA. In addition she runs regular groups and retreats at her home, the Heart Centre, a small retreat centre near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Jilani loves to work with trainee Dance Leaders, and especially with young people, helping them to fulfill their potential as leaders and musicians with the dances. She also works with her own Sufi students, and currently leads a monthly Zikr and weekly Ruhaniat-style Sufi classes on Zoom, as well as occasional longer retreats.