Personal reflections on 4th Annual Leaders’ Guild Retreat

by Dominic Shamsuddin Ashmole

Charming house with elevated views overlooking a (frozen) pond and across the valley to Derbyshire hills. An ecumenical retreat centre. Kind hospitality from our host David. Late evenings of impromptu singing – devotional, personal – bringing in the languages of our French and Israeli guests. Fantastic voices, musicianship, inspiration and heartfulness. Experimenting with planetary walks, breathing and embodying qualities of Sun and Moon (with unexpected visitors from Mars, Venus and Neptune!) A “sack of potatoes” walk initiates the most rapid and embodied transition through Earth, Water, Fire and Air I’ve ever witnessed. More hugs than you could shake a stick at, but none requiring that kind of response, so far as I could tell…

Old connections deepened and friendships rekindled, and new meetings, most particularly with visiting leaders from abroad. A sense of newness and excitement – overspill from Arjun’s “caravan” which travelled through Turkey and elsewhere, sharing dances where perhaps they’d never yet been seen.  Fresh, ardent sweetness.

A space where everyone who wished could share a dance. Diversity, tenderness, vulnerability, power, surprise. Conversations about shared and contrasting experiences as dancers and leaders. How is it to lead with children? With people who “stumbled upon” the dances rather than explicitly choosing to attend? With people from faith communities whose traditions have inspired our practices – or with people uncomfortable with those faiths? Noting a wide variety of experiences – some dancers upset by perceived “appropriation” and adaptation of their culture, others happy and moved, perceiving a recognition and embrace. To be careful to share only what we know, to be honest in expressing our limitations and to invite the sharing and insight of dancers in our circles who may more directly transmit a particular heritage. At the same time, acknowledging our own legitimate place within a silsila – a lineage and transmission with its own unique flavour.

Morning practices, before breakfast and coffee – perhaps a more inward space of quiet awakening.

A few notable and last-minute cancellations, each a friend whose presence was acknowledged and missed.

Throughout, though not exclusively, a focus on the original dances and other practices of Samuel Lewis. A wide variety of orientations to SAM, ranging from perhaps mild aversion through to committed practice and study and engagement with his still-living original disciples. Noticing the power and directness of his dances, not necessarily requiring musicality, but absolutely demanding alertness and concentration.

Returning home with renewed commitment to this path and its associated community – feeling connected, held and loved. So welcome in these cold and dark days of winter!

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About Dominic Ashmole

Dominic Ashmole is a certified leader of the Dances of Universal Peace who has offered dance events in Scotland since 2009 and taught at dance camps in the UK since 2012. His delight is in the present-moment vibrancy and atmosphere of the dance experience – the singing of resonant, heartfelt sounds while moving through a sacred space with others. Each dancer brings their own experience and meaning into the practice, and yet the profound pleasure, challenge and change that occur are tangible. Strong influences in his life include a scientific education, early encounters with controversial mystic Osho, parenting, love relationships, professional life, Celtic spirituality and Sufism.