Unicorn Dancing Spirit Youth Camp 2014

Calling all young people in the UK and beyond!

Announcing a brand new Dances of Universal Peace camp in the UK, dedicated to young dancers and dance leaders! Your sheer enthusiasm has kindled an infectious spark of inspiration for this new venture to happen and we invite you to support the camp and make it your own. Bookings are open, on the Unicorn Camps website www.unicorncamps.com and people have started to book in already, so don’t miss out – book your place today!

The initial vision for the camp is to provide a safe space for participants to deepen into the energy and transmission of the dances, and we are blessed to be supported by the organisational  experience and infrastructure of the Unicorn camps. The new Youth Camp will thus begin life nestled between the Unicorn Voice Camp and Dance Camp, in August of this year.Tickets have been heavily subsidised in order to make the camp as affordable as possible to all, and as we write, preparations have already been under way for more than 6 months. During the camp we aim to provide a training in all aspects of the dances, including walks, musicianship, voice practices, spiritual background, sufi meditation, breathwork, sharings, and Q&A support, all aimed specifically at young people aged from 16-30. We plan to offer a space for young people to make contributions to the program, and to involve young people in the planning and direction of the camp.

We also, very importantly, hope to build and foster international connections amongst young people who feel connected to the Dances of Universal Peace around the world. To this end, we have been spreading the word far and wide in the hope of encouraging young people to attend the camp from other countries, including the Baltics, France, Germany, Spain and Czech Republic.

Working with young people it is difficult not to be struck by the depth of talent and courage so often seen and felt. Anyone who has ever led a dance knows how difficult it is to stand up in the middle of a circle and allow themselves to be vulnerable both to the energy of the dance and the group process. To see young people doing what we as older adults have found challenging is deeply moving, and to see young people with many talents and skills that we ourselves do not possess is deeply humbling.

The Unicorn Dancing Spirit Youth Camp starts Monday 11 August and for participants we are offering a special 25% discount off the price of the normal ticket for the main Unicorn Dance Camp that immediately follows the Youth Camp. There is a dedicated webpage and flyer for the Youth Camp. Please help spread the word, especially to young people you might know!

May the blessings of the Dances continue to flower and unfold in unforeseen and wondrous ways, to the benefit of all beings.

Much love from
Glen, Jilani & Daren

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About Cordelia Jilani Prescott

Jilani has been playing viola for the Dances of Universal Peace since 1997, and leading Dances since 2005, becoming certified as a Dance Leader in May 2008. Sufism is her spiritual path, along with motherhood (she has three sons) and music. She has worked as a musician and teacher since 1989 and spent several years training as a healer. She brings these skills to her Dance leading, with a teaching style that is light and down-to-earth, but powerful. She has led Dances throughout the UK since 2005, and has travelled internationally to share Dances in Europe, Morocco and the USA. In addition she runs regular groups and retreats at her home, the Heart Centre, a small retreat centre near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Jilani loves to work with trainee Dance Leaders, and especially with young people, helping them to fulfill their potential as leaders and musicians with the dances. She also works with her own Sufi students, and currently leads a monthly Zikr and weekly Ruhaniat-style Sufi classes on Zoom, as well as occasional longer retreats.