Inner Peace in a Changing World

Inner Peace in a Changing World

Discover how the wisdom of Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and others can guide you to a happier present and resilient future, amid the uncertainties we live in.
Explore timeless insights on finding your own clear centre, acting from your passion and aligning with humanity’s purpose as stewards of the Earth.

This is a unique chance to experience and embody this wisdom, through methods used when it was first given: such as walking meditation, sound mantras and chants in the original language, and body prayer and movement, along with current approaches like Deep Ecology. The teachings of Neil Douglas-Klotz are a key source, including his powerful re-translations and original practices from the Christian, Islamic and Jewish traditions. This weekend is intended for people on any spiritual path, or none: you are free to try these teachings, and use them or not as you wish.

Current times can feel so overwhelming that it’s hard to face them, let alone the future. Exploring in a group, connecting with old wisdom and present possibilities, can help. This event will offer space to explore both hopes and fears for the future, to use visioning tools to open up our sense of how to shape life for the better, and find ways to strengthen our spiritual core.

Alan Heeks has been involved in practical sustainability projects and leading spiritual development groups for many years, and runs the Facing the 2020’s  project on personal and community resilience. See more at

Cordelia Prescott is an experienced group leader, musician and healer with a long-standing interest in environmental issues, sustainability and Permaculture.
Timings 10.30-5.00 Saturday, 10.00-4.00 Sunday
Residential cost including meals and accommodation: £160 (Concessions £130)
Non-residential cost including two lunches: £95


Experience, the joy and power of oneness and creativity in an evening of  dance,song and story,with live musical accompaniment. “From what is small and fragile let abundance and power come: let humanity take on the consciousness of the whole creation.”

Led by Cordelia Prescott and Alan Heeks ~ Saturday 22 February 7.30pm -9.30pm ~ Price £15 (Concessions £10)

For enquiries and bookings tel: 01235 847401


To download a flyer, click here.

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About Cordelia Jilani Prescott

Jilani has been playing viola for the Dances of Universal Peace since 1997, and leading Dances since 2005, becoming certified as a Dance Leader in May 2008. Sufism is her spiritual path, along with motherhood (she has three sons) and music. She has worked as a musician and teacher since 1989 and spent several years training as a healer. She brings these skills to her Dance leading, with a teaching style that is light and down-to-earth, but powerful. She has led Dances throughout the UK since 2005, and has travelled internationally to share Dances in Europe, Morocco and the USA. In addition she runs regular groups and retreats at her home, the Heart Centre, a small retreat centre near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Jilani loves to work with trainee Dance Leaders, and especially with young people, helping them to fulfill their potential as leaders and musicians with the dances. She also works with her own Sufi students, and currently leads a monthly Zikr and weekly Ruhaniat-style Sufi classes on Zoom, as well as occasional longer retreats.