You are special!

Why? Because of your support!

Many dancers have supported the dances in many ways over the years. Primarily, they have been loyal supporters who bring their special energy to the dance circle, for without them, there would be no circle, no dance, and no flow of the magic of the dances out into the world.

Some have taken on some of the work, helping at events, welcoming new dancers, taking bookings, and all sorts of other tasks behind the scenes that are essential but often go unnoticed.

One way that dancers supported and helped to promote the dances was by contributing financially. In the past, there was a fee which people could pay in order to be members of the dance network. Now, that is no longer necessary, but of course voluntary donations are still just as welcome!

If you have been supporting the dances in one or more of these ways, or want to in the future – thank you!