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Michel is a gardener, and loves taking care of living things, and of the earth. He met the Dances of Universal Peace in 2003, and journeyed with them for six years, before taking root in Ariege, in the South of France. There, with his beloved (Stephanie) he organises and leads monthly Dance weekends. They regularly invite and host other Dance leader friends from far and wide. He also accompanies several emerging Dance leaders as a “mentor in training”.

“For me, the Dances are a medicine for the being, and a joyous path of non-duality, deep and light at the same time. They transform my life, through the acceptance of what is. I feel honoured and full of gratitude to be able to share them here and elsewhere. They nourish my enthusiastic urge to make a contribution to our human family…as well as my needs for authenticity, integrity, presence and connection.”

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