Minutes of the 2018 Online AGM – with summary of comments.

Many thanks to all who took part and to the rest of you for your continued support.

Of the 76 invitations sent out, 31 took part. (last year 19, so a worthwhile increase!)

The questions and responses are listed below – this year I’ve only included comments that express an opinion or bring up a new point. (there are many short positive comments, expressing gratitude for work put in by all)

The Guidance Panel will, as they did last year, provide responses in a separate report.

Minutes of DUPUK AGM Feb. 2018

Qu 1 -Present: Maz Brown, Ralph Nimmann, Susanne Wombacher, Fateah Suanders, Jenny Williams, Bill Thompson, Gulzar Lusevic. Robert Orange, Emma Relph, Sandra Sunfire, Alan Heeks, Juliet Sangita Hilary, Linda Heeks, Karim Hadden, Sophia Nicholson, Rasullah Clarke, Jilani Cordelia Prescott, Darshan Yoriko Takui, Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz, Stella Cranwell, Aziz Dixon, Dilwara Tucker, Kate Fielding, Linda Winn, Margaret Amina Nimmo-Smith, Clare Miller, Matthew Heyse-Moore, Liz Stafford, Rosemary Brown, Michael Meredith, Elyn Mitchell.

Qu 2 – Minutes of the last AGM 2017: If you were present at the last AGM, do you accept the minutes as a true and accurate record of that meeting?
14 didn’t take part last year, 15 agreed the minutes, (2 skipped).

Qu 3 – Have you read the 2018 report from the Guidance Panel?
20 read the GP report, 8 didn’t. 8 commented (3 skipped)

Dilwara Sita – Its heartening to read about the successes, especially the annual retreat and the changes to the website. Its reassuring to know that Insurance cover has been re-visited and upgraded. I appreciate the time commitment the guidance panel have made in holding DUP UK within their care, just writing a report of this length takes some hours, so grateful thanks for your attention and caretaking…… Dear Kate thank you with blessings on your post guidance panel journey.

Qu 4 –Have you read the 2018 report from the Administrator?
20 read the Administrators report, 9 didn’t. 9 commented (3 skipped)

Dilwara Sita – Stella its very reassuring to know you have this all clearly documented thank you. I appreciate your always friendly and thoughtful communications. I can see that increasing subs is the logical and most straightforward way of creating a dependable regular income, whilst it would be wonderful if such monies came via dance activities and if spending some of the monies held in bank accounts enabled this to happen I would be support this.
Robert Orange – I agree to the proposed increase in the annual membership fee.
Michael Meredith – The proposed further increase in membership charges is of some concern to me – it is part of a range of outgoings for me as a dance leader – in additon there are Mentor fees, Attending DUPUK training events & Purchasing DUP materials to be borne, while the margin of income over expenditure for running my local DUP group is vanishingly small.

Qu 5 – Have you read the 2018 report from the Webmaster?
21 read the webmasters report, 8 didn’t. 6 commented (offering thanks to Chris Granger for all the work he’s put in over the past 8 years)

Qu 6 – Do you agree that the following people continue in post for another year: Shamsia Sandra Sunfire and Jilani Cordelia Prescott (Guidance Panel); Stella Cranwell (Administrator).
30 agreed, (1 skipped). 7 comments (reiterating agreement and offering thanks.)

Qu 7 – Do you agree with the appointment of Sophia Nicholson onto the Guidance Panel?
31 agreed. 6 comments – (all encouraging and enthusiastic).

Qu 8 – Do you agree with the appointment of Sarah McCulloch as Webmaster?
31 agreed 2 comments

Qu 9 – Do you agree with the proposed amendments to the Governing Document of DUPUK?
25 agreed. 1 disagreed. 7 comments (6 skipped)

Ralph Nimmann – Disagree YES to musicians included. I suggest to change 7. and include musicians: “7. The level of membership subscription will be set by the Guidance Panel. Only dance leaders who are current in their subscriptions will be considered members.” I disagree deleting the following £1000 paragraph 23, as clause 18 only states “There will be an annual Leaders Guild Retreat” (where no formal discussions take place). I think 23. needs to stay: “23. Any decisions involving the spending of amounts greater than £1,000 for individual items will need the approval of members (delete: see clause 18).”
Darshan Takui – I have not read it yet.
Margaret Amina Nimmo Smith – Haven’t seen them
Clare Miller – Sorry, I have not read any of the documents etc – I only recently joined the Leaders Guild and was not even aware of all this.
Liz Stafford – Not sure specifically what amendments you refer to.

Qu 10 – AOB
11 responses/comments

Ralph Nimmann – At last year’s AGM several people suggested we wanted to establish a “Friends of the Dances of Universal Peace” structure. I would suggest, we make a formal amendment and support or found a “DUP Friends” for dancers actively, which could also help raise money contributions. Another year with £1000 loss: any ideas how to reduce this? And last: I REALLY don’t like these sterile impersonal virtual AGMs. I miss holding hands and the look and feel of others – and discussions are impossible. Despite this: THANKS for all work and time and energy which went into preparing this!
Matthew Heyse-Moore – How and when could we re-open a discussion about a membership option for non-dance-leaders? To me this feels like a pressing issue to re-visit.

(Compiled by stella, Administrator. 27th March 2018)