Jilani Cordelia Prescott

Hi, I’m Jilani: musician, mother, mystic; leader and mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace; guide and companion on the path of Universal Sufism or spiritual freedom. You’re probably looking at this page because you have come across me through the Dances of Universal Peace or the Sufi Ruhaniat.

I have found such personal peace, joy and healing on this path of spiritual liberty through music, mantra and movement. And now sharing these practices with others brings me great joy and fulfilment. My vision and hope is to help as many people as I can to find happiness and peace through being more fully, truly and joyfully themselves. And along the way to share joy, peace and love through Eating, Dancing and Praying together (in the words of Murshid SAM, the Sufi Master who birthed the Dances of Universal Peace in San Francisco back in 1968, around the time of my own birth!)

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I run regular groups at the Heart Centre, the home I share with my husband Robert and our children, which is also a small retreat centre or khankah. Most Tuesday evenings I lead Sufi dances, chanting and meditations. The first Tuesday of the month is Zikr night. (Zikr means Remembrance – remembering the truth we so easily forget from day to day. We chant La illaha il’llah to remind ourselves that nothing exists which is not part of Sacred Unity; all separation is illusion. Chanting and moving together can awaken our sense of unity and connection, and enable us to experience ecstasy and ultimately peace.) These classes are open to all open-hearted spiritual seekers. Please get in touch if you are drawn to join us.

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