Touched by the Shimmering Sound – Aramaic Prayer Evening

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Date(s) - 03/04/2023
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Leader details:

This event offers a new way to be in touch with the teaching of Yeshua (Jesus).

We sing the words he gave in his original Aramaic and move with ancient devotional movements in a circle to fully embody the essence of his teachings.

We connect with the creative source of life through breath and heartbeat to allow the vitality that is all around – the shimmering sound  – to touch, refresh and restore us.
Combining  Sufi and Christian traditions, this is a new way of experiencing and understanding what we now know as The Lord’s Prayer which has come through the radical work of Neil Douglas-Klotz (
Winifred Rushforth was influenced by both these traditions and we want to offer this devotional evening as a way of marking her vision and 50 years of the Salisbury Centre.
Max number of participants: 20


About the Facilitators:

  • Sarah Bonner-Morgan 

I  found my way to the Sufi path via a love of poetry, dance and music and deepened my connection to this Aramaic work of Neil Douglas-Klotz through his visionary Inter-Spiritual Leadership Training (AILP) which I completed in 2013.

I teach the Alexander Technique privately and train teachers-to-be at the Edinburgh Alexander Training School. I love playing frame drums, especially the Persian Daf, and dancing Five Rhythms and the Sufi based Dances of Universal Peace.

My husband Ian Hunter has helped design, build and maintain the garden over the years and he introduced me to the Salisbury Centre in 2003. Since then I have taken part in many community events, sung around the fireside on still, star-lit evenings, taught Alexander sessions and led Aramaic dance weekends with Jenny.

  • Jenny Williams

I have been involved with this Aramaic work for over 20 years and have found it inspiring; supporting my faith, enabling me to both stay within the church and not feel constrained by the institutional aspects. Learning to see Jesus’ life and teaching from an Aramaic perspective has supported me to integrate and embody my interests in healing, neuroscience, theology and my childhood passion for dance. I have recently retired from full-time parish ministry in the Church of Scotland.  The Salisbury Centre has been part of my life over the last 40 years, initially through a dream group, and then interfaith events, many workshops; and often either participating in or facilitating Dances of Universal Peace and Aramaic teaching.