The Sufi Path of Love and Understanding A weekend of Dances of Universal Peace with Wali & Ariënne

Date(s) - 17/11/2018 - 18/11/2018
10:30 am - 5:00 pm

The Avalon Community Centre

Leader details:

Come and join us for a weekend of Dances of Universal
Peace, focusing on the wings of Love and Understanding.
As the Sufi logo shows, these wings can make our heart
During this weekend, Wali & Ariënne will dive deeper into
the heart as this is our alchemical workshop where all emotional and other issues can
be digested to help us grow in life. The growth to perfect our inner being is an essential
part of all spiritual pathways and the Sufis have mapped out this growth through different
aspects of our soul-self, the part in us that is both connected with our individual self
and with the Divine.
Wali & Ariënne are musicians and Sufi teachers. They have been on the path of the
Dances and Sufism for over 25 years and love to share their experience and understanding
of the dances as part of the spiritual path.
In their presentation, they combine power with beauty,
depth with light, joy with energy, clarity and focus with gentleness.
Their co-leading merges male with female energies.
They have made a special study of tracing the teachings of
Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid SAM back to the psychology
of the Sufis of the Golden Age. This resulted in Wali’s new
book – The Sufi Path of Understanding – that forms the basis
for the workshop.
Arienne and Wali’s dance leading style is very relaxed and yet deep. Wali plays a twelvestring
guitar to accompany the dances. Arienne often plays alto recorder too. Their
harmonies have to be heard to be believed! Between them, they have created many
Dances of Universal Peace and three CD’s with their original music. Arienne makes
learning new dances easy, as her way of explaining each dance is very clear. Together,
they encourage the dancers to just let go and have a wonderful dance experience.

Costs £65 if booked by 1st November (£55 concession)
£75 after 1st Nov.
Enquiries & Bookings Diana Barnard

M: 07800717283