Muiz: Stroud

Date(s) - 10/11/2017 - 12/11/2017
6:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Marist Retreat Centre

Leader details:

Tuning the Heart, Becoming Clear
A Weekend Retreat of Embodied & Heart-Tuning Sufi Practice
guided by Muiz Brinkerhoff from Northern California

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God-Goddess-Source is our Lover, not our jailer.
Body TRULY IS the Temple, Heart IS the Altar, Mind IS the Light of Awareness, and
Self IS the Lens focusing Unlimited Love into Limited Form.

About the weekend:

The retreat will involve:
• Dances of Universal Peace (DUP)
• Deepening in the Dances
• Walking Meditations • Body Prayer
• Wazifa (Mantra) • Zikr (Remembrance)
• Breath, Light, Silence, and Presence
• Sohbet (Heartful Conversation)

During the Weekend We’ll Work Together To:
Weave a dynamic, supportive tapestry of inner and outer experience —Combine movement and sound with stillness and silence — Expand the horizons of our individual spheres of Awareness — Tune our Hearts to the Group Heart and open to Becoming Clear — Practice fully inhabiting our bodies in the Present Moment — Dive into the Ocean of Infinite Love,
Harmony and Beauty at the Center of our Being — Increase our Radiance and Magnetism — Cultivate positive, peaceful and loving atmospheres — Engage in the process of Waking Up in gentle, relaxed, and even playful ways, without grasping or avoiding — Enhance our balance and integration of the many polarities of Everyday Life: outer & inner, shallow & profound, ordinary & extraordinary, profane & sacred, personal & transpersonal, doing & being.

About Muiz:

Muiz was initiated into Western Universalist Sufism in 1975, certified as a Dance Leader in 1979, and raised to
the post of teacher in 1996. He has presented the Dances and led Sufi practice, over the past 39 years, at seminars,
camps, and retreats around the USA, in the United Kingdom from 2003, in Holland in 2007, and in Morocco
from 2015. He also works individually with his own Sufi students, mentors emerging Dance Leaders, and offers
guidance to any who resonate with his particular approach to Waking Up: embodied spiritual practice, increasing
magnetism and attunement, cultivating a radiant attitude, taking personal responsibility for integrating psychological
shadow issues, and above all, not taking self so seriously, by practising “auto de-pedestal-isation”.

Muiz’ Sufi practice has been informed and deepened by a wide variety of life experience and interests including
providing HIV/AIDS education and support within the LGBTQ community, co-facilitating 2 court-mandated,
Domestic Violence Prevention Program men’s groups, and directing a Sufi men’s group. Artistically and creatively
he has danced Hawai’ian Hula, created Tiffany-style stained glass, and is constantly expanding his extensive photography portfolio. These experiences, leavened with a keen appreciation of irreverent humor and the absurd, have helped him avoid getting stuck in either of two major pitfalls on the Spiritual Path — ungrounded, spaced‑out ecstasy, and dour, joyless sobriety. As Western Sufi teachings repeatedly emphasize, balance and rhythm are keys to the secret of Life.

Booking information:

Early Bird Price: £ 170 – Before 01 September
Late Booking Price: £ 200 – After 01 September
Booking Deadline: 25 October

Some concessions are available – please ask. The generosity of an additional contribution to help offset the concessions would be deeply appreciated.

The Marist Sisters Retreat Centre has room for 32 residential participants,
primarily in shared, twin bed rooms, with two rooms having double beds. Meals
are made on-site using locally grown and sourced food as far as possible, and
there is some accommodation for individual dietary allergies and restrictions.
Please discuss your specific dietary  needs with Karim before you book.

01432 261222 [+44]
£50 non-refundable deposit required to book
Balance by 01 Sept 2017
Bookings after 01 Sept, full amount required
For cancellations received between
01 Sept & 15 Oct 2017
Balance refund is 50% — No refund after 15 Oct
(more details at the website above)

Non-Residential Attendance
The following options and prices for non-residential, part- or full-time
attendance, are available. If we do have full residential enrolment, there will
need be a limit on the number of non-residential people we can accommodate.
Friday E only (includes dinner) £ 25
Saturday M-A-E (includes lunch & dinner) £ 55
Saturday M-A only (includes lunch) £ 35
Sunday M-A (includes lunch) £ 25
(M = morning, A = afternoon, E = evening)