Aramaic Beatitudes: Philip O’Donohoe

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Date(s) - 22/11/2015
10:00 am - 4:30 pm

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Experience the Aramaic Beatitudes: Breath, Body, Heart, Healing

with Philip O’Donohoe.

This is a rare opportunity to experience the danced body prayers using the original Aramaic words of the Beatitudes attributed to Jesus.

The pioneering exploration into the Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic originated with Neil Douglas Klotz more than 25 years ago. Translations and meditations on the Aramaic words of Jesus appear in Neil’s highly acclaimed book Prayers of the Cosmos.

Many people’s lives have been transformed by Neil’s work including Philip’s. He began studying with Neil in 1988 and has worked with him closely ever since. It is no exaggeration to say that his experiences of the Beatitudes and Aramaic Prayer with Neil dramatically changed the course of his life.

It could be said that the Beatitudes are the essence of the entire message of Jesus. When explored as spiritual practice that engages the breath, the heart, the body and the mind they can lead to healing at a deep inner level. Dealing with life as it is with all its challenges, Jesus offers sound methods for us to experience harmony with our inner selves, with others and with life itself. Tuned to the source, happy and healthy are those who breathe in harmony with the cosmic currents, who can feel things fully, can soften what is rigid within, have compassion, passion and purpose, who can always strike the note that unites.

This day is more likely to be suitable for those with some previous experience of spiritual chant and dance. It is also fine for new people to attend who have a sense of inner adventure towards engaging with body, heart and mind in a new way. The words in Aramaic are relatively easy to learn as are the melodies and movements of the body prayers. Mostly they are danced and sung as we move together in a circle.

Please bring delicious food to share for lunch. Refreshments will be provided.

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