Dancing into Spacious Awareness: the Aramaic Prayer

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Date(s) - 12/12/2015
All Day

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As winter approaches we may begin feel the natural impetus to focus more inwardly and reflectively on how we feel and how our life has been unfolding this past year. Nature presents us with a change of season. December signifies the end of a yearly cycle. If we are in tune with such natural cycles our rhythm of life also changes as a consequence. During the past 12 months we may have been presented with many challenges as well as celebrated many joyful occasions. As we begin to experience the dark time of the year and begin to turn once again into the growing light this is an optimum time to clear what is ready to be released to make space inside. and listen to our inner guidance to hear where and how we want to focus our attention in 2016. We always have a choice.

The Aramaic Prayer seems most appropriate at this time of year to put us in touch with our hearts and to help us clarify our intentions. The Aramaic words and movements of this cycle have continued to resonate deeply in my heart. Experiencing it for the first time more than 25 years ago was a real turning point in my life. Through this I reconnected with Jesus in a completely different way, to Jesus as a Middle Eastern mystic who has a great deal to offer in terms of actual spiritual experience and realisation. Many of those with whom I have worked over the years have had profound effects and similar realisations.

We are especially pleased to announce that we are able to dance the Prayer in St Anne’s Church, a lovely new venue with a great atmosphere which is two miles from Rawtenstall.

Detailed directions are given on the Location page.

No previous experience is necessary. All the words and movements are clearly taught and now most people can assimilate them with ease.

The Danced Prayer Cycle presents a spiritual journey into the timeless wisdom of Jesus. It uses words attributed to Jesus in the Aramaic language and can allow one to experience this Prayer in an entirely new way. Through heart centred body prayer and devotional singing the Prayer offers us the opportunity to tune ourselves to the Infinite Source of All Life, and helps us to remember how to live fully and intentionally in this awareness. It’s a celebration of the Unity of Life and an affirmation of our own unique place in this Unity.

The movements and melodies of the Aramaic Prayer Cycle are the work of Neil Douglas-Klotz whose translations and meditations on the Aramaic words of Jesus appear in his highly acclaimed book Prayers of the Cosmos.

Arrivals and refreshments from 10 onwards. Session begins at 10.30 and ends at 4.30.

Please bring food to share for lunch.

Contact Mary Rabia Dowson Tel. 015242 21147. Email: madowson@gmail.com