Allaudin Ottinger

Allaudin: Bridport, Dorset

Date(s) - 11/09/2016
2:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Bridport: Chapel in the Garden

Leader details:


An afternoon and evening of DUP and zikr with Allaudin Ottinger, in Bridport.

2-9 pm with shared supper.

Venue: the Yellow room,  Unitarian Church Bridport, 49 East St, Bridport, Dorset DT6 3JX.

This is a wonderful opportunity to be with Murshid Allaudin Ottinger, a leading US Dances of Universal Peace leader and Sufi teacher, on a rare visit to the UK. Allaudin is the creator of some favourite Dances of Universal Peace such as “Drink with the Beloved” and “The Fish in the Water’s Not Thirsty”. His is a joyful brand of Sufism, inspired by his own sense of fun, musicality and humility. He brings a real quality of heartfulness.

The afternoon will include DUP, Sufi poetry and classical teachings. The evening will include devotional zikr combining dance and sitting and moving meditation practices.

The Tuning of the Heart: “Spirituality is not necessarily intellectuality, nor orthodoxy, nor asceticism. Orthodoxy, asceticism or intellectuality, pursuit after truth, are all various ways people have taken in order to reach the spiritual goal, but the way is not the goal. If there can be a definition of spirituality, it is the tuning of the heart”. Hazrat Inayat Khan

About Allaudin:
“More than any other Sufi teacher I’ve met Allaudin carries the magic of the dervish, the subtle lyrical air of the rose garden, the wine of wisdom and an innocent delight in life”
Alan Heeks

“Allaudin is delightful, funny, heart-centred, inclusive, humble and full of energy. He has brought through some amazing dances and leads a wonderful ecstatic zikr. Not to be missed”
Linda Heeks

Cost and how to book:
The cost of the day is £25. The afternoon or evening can be booked separately. Please ask about concessions if you need one.

Booking is through Linda Heeks on 01308 425371 or

Please bring food to share and cushion/meditation stool/blanket if you need them.
Allaudin would welcome supporting musicians so get in touch if you have experience of playing music for the dances and would like to play.