A Pilgrimage to Ynys Enlli, Bardsey Island UK Elemental Being, Dancing in Light ~ Ancient Names of the Sacred: the Goddess & Her Beloved

Date(s) - 15/06/2019 - 22/06/2019
12:00 am

Bardsey Island (Ynys Enlli)

Leader details:

A Pilgrimage to Ynys Enlli  ~  Bardsey Island, Wales, UK

Elemental Being, Dancing in Light ~ Ancient Names of the Sacred: the Goddess & Her Beloved

With Shamsia Sandra Sunfire & Geoff Carter

Bardsey (Ynys Enlli in Welsh: ‘the island of the tides’), is a place of pilgrimage that has been of great importance in Welsh religious history and still exercises a fascination. Visitors to the island can see the fragmentary remains of the thirteenth century abbey of the Augustinian Canons who took over from the ancient Celtic foundation of the sixth century. The roofless tower has been adapted for those wishing to hold informal services in the open air. Nearby a Celtic cross stands commemorating the all but obliterated religious past and very numerous (20,000?) saints reputed to have been buried in or near the site. In 1875 a chapel was built and remains open for the purposes of worship and meditation. The island offers its pilgrims an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-orientate their lives and, in its many silences and mysteries, the chance to find peace and newness of life.

Crossing by small boat to the island we will follow in the footsteps of the many pilgrims who have gone before us.  This crossing can only be made in good weather and should our crossing be delayed we will endeavour to arrange for you to stay with Dancers of our local Derwenlas Circle.  Should we be delayed on our return we must ensure to take a few days extra food.

Information will be provided concerning details.

Please see “Essential Information” under “Staying on Bardsey”.


You are invited to join us on retreat as we seek to resound again with some of the most Ancient Names of the Sacred, touching some of the most ancient parts of ourselves.  The Goddess, the Great Goddess was known by peoples all around the world. When we remember Her we also reconnect with all who have gone before us and we can be touched by the wisdom that has been revealed for over 4000 years in the human heart.  Re-membering, re-connecting, re-newing with roots in the past we can grow into our future with love and respect for all life.

From the beginning of time sacred movement, song and story have brought people together ~ at times of ceremony and seasonal celebration and as part of everyday life in renewal and meditation.  The Dances of Universal Peace are part of this timeless tradition.

Join us this Summer Solstice allowing the light to reveal more of who we truly are.

Our retreat will be guided by the Native Middle Eastern Cycle composed by Neil Douglas-Klotz &  Kamae Amrapali Miller.  Using sacred phrases reconstructed from the Old Canaanite, Old Hebrew, Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian languages, we can dedicate ourselves to a reconnection with and embodiment of the deep feminine as expressed by the sacred names of power of our ancient ancestors .  We will work with story, meditations and body prayer, Walks and Dances.  We will have time to be alone and together, in stillness and movement.  We will have structured retreat time and also time in which we can move as we are guided and inspired.

Shamsia Sandra Sunfire has been living and Dancing in Mid-Wales for 24 years.  Her local circle at Derwenlas in Wales has been Dancing Dances of Universal Peace for around 28 years now and continues to welcome new Dancers as well as those with more experience and visitors who are in this beautiful part of the world.

Both Shamsia & Geoff have completed a training with Neil Douglas Klotz being particularly drawn to his work.

Geoff Carter provides musicianship and laughter at the local circle in Derwenlas, as well as leading body prayer and meditation.

For further information about Neil’s work; the Abwoon Study Circle focuses the research and experiential study of Native Middle Eastern spirituality by Neil Douglas-Klotz and Kamae A Miller                                   www.abwoon.org

Costs:  £285 / person ~ a deposit of £50/person on booking please.  Inclusive of cost of parking at farm, return boat journey, rooms in one of two houses (some single rooms, twin rooms, possibly a room for 3 and double), group retreat space in Llofft Nant and the retreat itself.

Excludes ~ food!  Self catering ~ all food to be taken to the island.  All rubbish to be taken from the island.

Please phone or email us if you are interested in joining us as this is a unique retreat.

Booking essential, maximum 10 places on this retreat.

Shamsia Sandra Sunfire & Geoff Carter: 01650 511513 sandrasunfire@aol.com          www.dupderwenlas.org.uk