Crewe: Annual Spring Weekend Residential Retreat

Date(s) - 19/02/2016 - 21/02/2016
6:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Crewe: Wistaston Hall

Leader details:

The Secret Path of the Heart 
Annual Spring Weekend Residential Retreat
with Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz and Philip O’Donohoe.
at Crewe: Wistaston Hall

There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the radiant light that shines in the heart of human beingsChandogya Upanishad

MYSTICS FOCUS ON THE HEART because they know it is the centre of the being that controls the mind and all its vehicles, including the physical body. All mysteries belong to the heart yet the heart knows no mysteries. This is because the heart is the seat of true understanding. Bright but hidden, the Real Self dwells in the heart.

Mystics see no difference between heart and mind although the heart expresses more than the mind. The heart is seen as the deeper aspect of the mind. One Sufi mystic explains that the depth of mind is heart, and the surface of heart is mind.

The more the heart gives, the more it has; what it throws away it owns, and what it keeps it has lost. Murshid Samuel L. Lewis

THE SECRET PATH OF THE HEART is a path of inner healing and a gradual unfolding of the Real Self. This retreat is an opportunity for you to explore the sacred space of your own heart sphere and to gain an increased capacity for life in the heart. In this way one may reach to the very depths of one’s being and at the same time may even expand one’s heart so that it can encompass the whole universe.

IN THIS RETREAT Saadi and Philip will draw upon their combined experience of practices from a number of spiritual traditions, Sufism, Buddhism, Aramaic Christian, yogic and tantric. The emphasis of the practices shared will be for you to feel every experience as coming from and belonging to the heart, so that feeling and love may control every experience. There will be heart meditations, sound, mantra and rhythmic movement to emphasise the heart space and the rhythms of the heart. There will also be walking meditations and spiritual dancing. It is open to all who are ready and willing to open the doors of the heart.

When meditation and cognition are one, that is the sign of arrival at the outer gate of the heart temple. When meditation, cognition, contemplation and action are one, one has reached the inner court. When nothing exists but God, one is master of the temple. Murshid Samuel L. Lewis

The venue: The Oblate Retreat and Spirituality Centre is located between Crewe and Nantwich. It is one and a half miles from the main-line Crewe railways station, with easy access to motorways and to Manchester airport. The comfortable rooms are mainly twin and singles – many are en suite. Vegetarian food option is available. Please indicate at the time of booking. The weekend begins with supper at 6.30pm on the Friday and ends on the Sunday at 3pm.

Further details. Contact: Philip