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Calderdale Dances of Universal Peace

Ralph is a mentor-in-training supporting new dance leaders on their journey.
He now lives in Todmorden / West Yorkshire.
Usually he leads the DUP sessions with his wife Vitalija with humour, heart - and a bit of spice. He is a Quaker and Subud member and loves harmony singing and dancing with polarities. His dance leading is usually light, humorous - and deep. His favourite dances are joyful uplifting partner dances, zikrs and dances with countermelodies in 2 circles. Since May 2011 he is mentored by Rasullah Clarke. His inclusive way of introducing the dances makes it easy for newcomers to feel welcome and relaxed. His wife Vitalija is now also a DUP mentor-in-training leader and part of the Sufi Movement. She leads and accompanies the dances with guitar. She loves to lead Sufi zikrs, especially those from Leila Be. Together they create a joyful atmosphere.

Ralph & Vitalija lead peace dance groups in around Hebden Bridge and Spring & Autumn weekends "Eat Dance and Pray Together" at Loudwater Farm in London-Rickmansworth.

Ralph is a Mentor-in-training.

To Contact Ralph:

Skype: ralphrainbow
Mobile: 07909 488272. - landline: 01706 563673

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United Kingdom
North West
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