Injil Dixon

Injil Dixon

I heard God laughing

I was entranced by the dances when I first encountered them in 1998, and could not let go of the thread that led me to explore their origins and to find Tansen, my Sufi guide and dance mentor.

I live in Oxfordshire and worship as a Quaker in Oxford as well as serving as Quaker prison chaplain at HMP Grendon in Buckinghamshire, on the same site where Noor Inayat Khan did her wartime training. I am a conductor in the Sufi Healing Order and also practise Wild Goose Qigong, a Daoist form of Chinese exercise. I work as an Adlerian counsellor and EMDR therapist as well as offering freelance editorial services to various publishers.

I lead dances about twice a month at the London Sufi Centre, a beautiful venue in Little Venice, near Paddington Station.

The dances have taken me to many places, outwardly and inwardly, that I could never have foreseen, and it is a mystery and privilege to open myself further as a channel for the dances as I continue my journey with them as a leader.

Injil is a Certified Leader.

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