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 – news update, October 2013

by Edmund Aziz Dixon 14.10.13

I took over from Diane at mid-year (autumn 2012). My report for the year ending April 2013 will be available as part of the AGM in November.

I would like to thank Diane – and others over the years – for all their work on the music and publications, and Chris for much work on the online shop.

After about a year in post, and careful thought, I have reviewed the situation with the management committee. Sales of music and publications were not making a surplus for DUPUK as was the case many years ago; more recently this has been viewed as a service to the dance community. However, sales have continued to decline, and more generally, CDs have increasingly been replaced by downloads of music; the music and publications activity is still loss-making. In USA the sales of CDs were discontinued a few years ago.

It has been agreed with the Management Committee of DUPUK:

    • to close the online shop for physical products
    • to dispose of stock in ways which optimise any residual revenue, while making the best use of unsaleable stock to support the dances and dancers
    • to conclude online sales by April 2014 if possible (the end of the financial year for Music and Publications)
    • to transfer any closing surplus to DUPUK general funds.

In practice,

    • items on sale or return will be returned to/available from: the originator eg Amida’s CDs, most of Wali’s and Arienne’s, Grace Marie’s
    • books and DVDs eg In the Garden, Spiritual Dance and Walk, and Eat, Dance and Pray Together will still be available at full price while stock lasts
    • other books such as Wisdom Comes Dancing are out of stock, and may be obtained on Amazon.
    • UK and US CDs to be available in return for a donation, plus postage costs where applicable; or available at dance events, and camps while stocks last.

I will be contacting stockholders to clarify about remaining stock.

I will work with Chris to update the website as items are withdrawn from stock, or in cases where the items may now be obtained elsewhere.

Please contact me on dupsalesuk@hotmail.co.uk to check the availability of any items you are still interested in, and I will get back to you quickly.

Rainbow leaflets are still available for dance leaders – please contact me for copies.

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About Aziz Dixon

I am a certified leader of the dances of universal peace, mentored by Philip Tansen O'Donohoe. I have been on the sufi path for many years. I lead dances and the healing ritual of Hazrat Inayat Khan, mostly in Rossendale, in Lancashire. I also provide administrative support for the European Ruhaniat Summer School.